Advice for prospective grad students

Matt Zucker, Fall 2015

This page will grow over time to reflect thoughts and advice for Swarthmore undergraduates considering grad schools. The material here is mostly skewed towards PhD programs because that's the route I took, however prospective masters students may also find this page useful.

Timeline for applying to schools

Applying to graduate school can be a time-consuming process – you might even think of it as equivalent to an extra course in the Fall semester of your senior year.

Also, don't forget to take GRE's if necessary! Try not to leave it to the last minute, and also try to take at least one practice test just so you know what you're getting into.

Questions about grad programs for admitted students

Here are some questions to ask about graduate programs which may help in deciding where to go to school. These are probably most useful for students who are deciding between multiple admissions offers, but can be good to think about earlier in the process, too.